Transforming Vacation Rental Distribution

Welcome to OKIANO Connect, where we are dedicated to redefining vacation rental distribution. Our company is more than just a platform – we are driven by a clear mission that defines our purpose, who we serve, and the path we follow to achieve our goals. Additionally, our vision paints a vivid picture of our desired future, inspiring our team and partners towards shared success.


Consolidation among property management groups has created a demand for advanced distribution technologies to aid in the management of an increasingly large and geographically dispersed portfolio of professionally-managed vacation rentals. OKIANO's primary focus is the development of such distribution solutions.

We provide property managers with access to the global network of travel agencies. Our API-system together with a dedicated customer support team enables smooth integration with our partners.

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Our mission

At OKIANO Connect, our mission is to empower property management companies and travel professionals with innovative IT solutions for vacation rental distribution. By providing streamlined tools and a collaborative ecosystem, we aim to enhance efficiency, revenue potential, and overall industry growth. Our commitment is to serve as a catalyst for success, bridging the gap between diverse stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry landscape.


Our Vision

Our vision illustrates our aspirational future – a travel industry where vacation rental distribution is seamlessly integrated and empowers both property managers and travel professionals. We envision a dynamic industry where collaboration thrives, revenue potential is maximized, and every partner achieves their goals. This vision serves as our daily compass, fueling our motivation to innovate and provide exceptional value to our partners.


Our team

Behind OKIANO Connect is a diverse team of passionate IT specialists and professionals from the travel and tourism industry. Our collective expertise merges technology prowess with hospitality and travel industry insights, allowing us to create practical and effective solutions. Together, we combine our passion and knowledge to drive positive change in the vacation rental distribution landscape.

Join us as we embark on a journey to transform the vacation rental distribution landscape. Our mission and vision shape our approach, inspire our team, and guide our partners towards a future of efficiency. Welcome to OKIANO Connect, where Mission, Vision, and Team unite for meaningful change.


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