Introducing OKIANO Connect: Revolutionizing vacation rentals market distribution.

Our cutting-edge Global Distribution System effortlessly links vacation rental businesses and tourism professionals, streamlining bookings and boosting revenue potential.

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Benefits of Being an OKIANO Connect Partner


For Vacation Rental Businesses


Integration Made Easy

Seamlessly integrate your vacation rental listings with our platform using our user-friendly APIs or data feeds. Our software development experts are here to assist you every step of the way.


Amplified Reach

Gain access to a vast network of travel agencies and online travel agents (OTAs), significantly expanding your property's visibility.


Simless Administration

Maintain your listings, availability, and rates seamlessly in a single dashboard for a hassle-free experience without navigating multiple platforms.


Increased Bookings

Harness the immense power of our expansive network of partners. Elevate your vacation rentals to the world stage, captivating a global audience of passionate travel and tourism professionals.


Revenue Growth

Unlock new revenue streams by tapping into previously untapped markets, driving business growth like never before.


For Tourism Professionals, Travel Agencies, or OTAs


Diverse Inventory

Access an expansive array of high-quality vacation rentals, enhancing your portfolio and drawing in a larger clientele.


Effortless Booking

Revel in a streamlined booking process featuring real-time availability updates and multi-currency support, ensuring precision in every reservation for your valued clients.


Exclusive Collaborations

Establish collaborations within our outstanding network of vacation rental partners, opening avenues to exclusive offers and tailor-made packages. Furthermore, we offer the capability to optimize our supply in alignment with the top 10 preferences of each agent.


Enhanced Revenue Streams

Elevate revenue generation by presenting your clients with an extensive selection of accommodations and experiences, culminating in heightened customer satisfaction and unwavering loyalty.


Ensuring Your Business Security

Choosing our services guarantees a reliable partner who comprehends the nuances of the professional tourism realm and offers protection against the increasing menace of fraudsters prevalent in the vacation rentals sector.

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Partner with OKIANO Connect and unlock the pathway to elevated success in the global vacation rentals industry.

Let us guide you towards optimized operations, expanded reach, and increased revenue, all within a thriving ecosystem of collaboration.

How it Works

Experience the Ultimate Vacation Rental


Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate your vacation rental listings using our user-friendly APIs or data feeds.

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Keep Your Comfort Zone

You won't need to adopt new dashboards. Instead, you can continue working with your familiar tools just as you did before. Effortlessly manage listings, availability, and rates within the same unified dashboard, maintaining your preferred management style without any disruption.

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Expand Globally with B2B Connections

Leverage our extensive B2B partner network to elevate your business onto the global stage, captivating tourism professionals around the world.

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Increase Your Revenue with OKIANO Connect

Imagine a world where your vacation rental business or travel agency thrives like never before. With OKIANO Connect, that vision becomes a reality. By connecting you with a global network of partners, simplifying booking processes, and enhancing exposure, we empower you to unlock new revenue streams and achieve significant growth. Join OKIANO Connect today and take the first step towards a more profitable business.


Increase booking inquiries

An encouraging 15% increase in booking inquiries within the initial months of integrating OKIANO Connect into your distribution strategy.


10% growth in occupancy

A notable 10% growth in occupancy rate through enhanced visibility and exposure within our network.


diversified distribution portfolio

Partnering with OKIANO Connect contributes to a more diversified distribution portfolio, reducing dependence on other channels.

Remember, success in the vacation rentals industry starts with a powerful partnership - and that partnership begins with OKIANO Connect.

Top Destinations

Explore Premier Travel Experiences with Our Top Destinations List. Our API integration offers extensive inventory beyond these top picks, ensuring diverse options to satisfy your clients.

France (6290+ properties)

Denmark (5520+ properties)

Italy (5120+ properties)

Spain (3630+ properties)

Switzerland (3220+ properties)

Finland (2960+ properties)

Croatia (2350+ properties)

Austria (2070+ properties)

Germany (1470+ properties)

Netherlands (790+ properties)

Czech Republic (460+ properties)

United Kingdom (390+ properties)

Norway (240+ properties)

Poland (200+ properties)

Portugal (190+ properties)

Sweden (130+ properties)

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